Spam Mail

Spam Mail

Not everyone likes spam. To some, the canned processed meat is too salty and have a unnatural texture. I confess, I quite enjoy  spam. However, today’s topic is not spam the meat, but spam the email. If a person owns an email they have at least once gotten a rather annoying spam mail. They are all the same! Some vague message regarding a offer too good to be true. The irony is that usually, they can’t even spell correctly. My reaction when I receive these emails are:
  1. Cringe
  2. Be annoyed
  3. Laugh at its rediculusness
  4. Delete it
Unfortunately, there have been and will be victims to these emails. Here is how to protect your data and your sanity.

Get a Spam Mail Account

The best way to avoid spam mails are to open an email account, such as Yahoo or Google, for the use of giving out in public. Most business require their customer’s email to process invoices or sales. Sadly some business and websites sell their customers information, including email address to buyers. That is how spam mailers get our email addresses. Solution, email account with no personal details, rarely used, and designed to be given out willy nilly. Additionally, with this spam mail account, you can also avoid unwanted news letters from corporations. Follow this advise, and enjoy your spam free personal email account. 😉

Here is Comedy to Lighten-up Your Day

Warning: James Veitch is a professional. Do not try this at home. We do not want anyone to have their data or money stolen for a joke.

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