The April 2018 Windows Update (Version 1803)

The April 2018 Windows Update (Version 1803)

On the 30th of April, Microsoft released their latest major update to Windows 10, Version 1803. The computer may feel slower if Windows is downloading and installing the update in the background. Microsoft has made many tweaks to windows 10 adding and removing certain features. Here are few of the changes that my affect you.

Game bar

The new update introduces a redesigned game bar with a clock, intuitive settings, option to change theme color, and a button to capture a screenshot, record screen, and turn on or off camera or microphone.

Nearby Sharing

Users can now send files to nearby bluetooth or Wi-Fi connected devices.


Before, users could view all open tasks, including those on other Virtual Desktops, from Task View. Now with Timeline, the user can view not only what they would see in Task View, but also shows activities the user was working on in the past, allowing you to resume with ease. Timelime remembers any activities in the last 30 days,

Other Update

Version 1803 also includes many other minor and more niche changes. These changes include changes of design, Cortana, and more advanced tools. To learn more, visit

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